Thursday, April 21, 2011

Qatar National Library

On a quest to find a specific book in Qatar, I become quite acquainted with a few of the libraries. I figured the natural solution for a book would be from Georgetown University library. At SFS-Q, anyone can get a library card for 50 QR which allows for them to check out some books from what's available in Qatar. SFS-Q alumni get to pay 250 QR for a library card and can order and check out books from main campus. Note: this is only for Qatar alumni, not main campus alumni. Hmm. So the book was located on main campus... So then I tried the Qatar National Library. Luckily, my elementary school DID have a card catalog so I actually knew how to use the one at Qatar National Library. Unfortunately, they also didn't have the book, but the gentlemen working at the library were very kind and helpful in trying to find it. They have a great collection of books though and a beautiful library.  It's a really great resource that could be used by more.  They also tell me they are in the process of computerizing the catalog and it's about half done.

At Qatar National Library, with a 100 QR deposit and copy of the QID, anyone can get a little paper library card which allows for 2 books to be borrowed at a time for 1 month.

Opening Hours:
Sunday-Thursday 7:30am-12:30pm, 4pm-6pm
Friday, Saturday closed

Qatar National Library

The entrance is on the side here.  Then you go up these stairs.

Some nice books on display.

Quite a lot of books!

card catalog
The card catalog...

There was even a good selection of Japanese books.

I liked the windows.

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  1. i was googling stuff about libraries here in qatar which led me to your blog.

    i just wish that the open hours are longer and that they are open on fridays coz we've got work which conflicts with the time.hayz....

    anyhow, great info. thanks.