Friday, April 29, 2011

Felt Fabric: Souq Al Dira and Daiso

I went searching for felt in Qatar a few months back.  I started with the fabric section of Souq Waqif.  Nothing but then they recommended that I go to the Souq Al Dira (the fabric market), across the street from Souq Waqif.  This sounded exciting and it was!  There were so many shops with fabric and craft materials.  After going in many shops, I still didn't find felt or anyone who knew what it was but I did find some nice navy wool that would make due.  I found the very nice German wool at Al-Rawnaq Trading Center.  Then, I stumbled upon a huge craft shop, Areej Textiles, and of course there were some big rolls of felt, so mission accomplished.

Al-Rawnaq Trading Center
Souq Area
P.O. Box 9261
Doha, Qatar
44414505 / 44414460 / 44414420

Areej Textiles
Souq Al-Dira
P.O. Box 1338
Doha, Qatar

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felt at Daiso in Hyatt Plaza
Walking around in Daiso today, I saw a huge felt section. Gah!

cute little cow with tanuki (racoon dogs)

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  1. Could you show us the hat that you made with the felt?