Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adventures in Qatar: Beach search

Al Ruwais
We drove north to Al Ruwais to look for another good beach. Looking on the map, it looks like Al Dhalouf Park is right on the beach. While it had some nice views, the beach was too swampy to lay out on. The park was lovely though with many flowers and nice landscaping.

Abu Dhalouf Park

Not quite the beach environment we were looking for, we decided to try another beach.  Fuwairit Beach looked promising on the map.  When we got to Fuwairit, the beach was inaccessible without a Landcruiser but we did stumble upon a sheep farm!

I never knew that sheep could be so loud with "baa"s!  After many photos of sheep, we drove north a bit to Al Gahriyah.  The beach was also swampy there.  So we continued back south to Al Khor.  We drove through Al Khor and then a bit south to the coast.  The beaches here were rocky but suitable for a picnic.  Running out of time and very hungry, we just decided to stop here.  It was actually very pretty and all the rocks were covered in snails!

many snails

There was also this cute, old house nearby.

View Beach south of Al Khor in a larger map

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