Thursday, March 31, 2011

Camel & Goat Farm near Al Nasraniya

Driving along the road back to Doha, we saw a lot of camels grazing near Al Nasraniya and felt the need for camel photos and seeing camels up close.

The baby camels were sooo cute.

baby camels

We got some great photos but then the camels started running away...

We ran after them...

the camel farm in the distance
Soon we saw some buildings and decided to check it out.  We were greeted by some kind bedouins who immediately offered fresh camel milk.  It was warm and tasted like whole milk...

This man grabbed the baby away from its mother and it cried and screamed its heart out.

The men were very kind in showing us all the camels and parts of the farm.  I also got to ride on a camel for the first time.  It was quite an experience sitting on the camel while it stands up.  I thought I would fall!

time for the goats to come in

On the way back to the car, we saw the goats going in.

Dukhan Beach

A camel family with a bedouin along the road to Dukhan.

Dukhan Beach is a great beach in Qatar.  The shells are incredible and the beach is free!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Aroma at the Kempinski

I also tried the fixed price lunch at the Kempinski for 85 QR.  The breads were yummy.  For the appetizer, I got the soft shell crab tempura.  This was awesome.

For the main dish, I got the steak, not bad at all.  The warm apple crumble dessert was really, really good, recommended by our waiter.

Wonderful meal!  Hard to chose between here and the W...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cafeteria Al-Arouba - Best shawarma in Qatar

Unintentionally got to try the best shawarma in Qatar sooner than expected! Sweet!

Cafeteria Al-Arouba, called "Souq Ali Shawarma" by locals, is next to the before mentioned Hala Istanboul shawarma shop and is only open at night.  There will be cars parked outside the restaurant with hungry visitors ready for shawarma.

It really is delicious and unique.  They include some extra sauces in here that give it a distinct flavor.

Shawarma (شاورما‎), is an Arab sandwich-like wrap of shaved lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, beef, or a mixture thereof. The meat is placed on a spit, and may be grilled for as long as a day. Shawarma is a fast-food staple across the Arab world, Israel, Europe and the Caucasus. Shawarma is eaten with pita bread, Lavash bread, tabbouleh salad, fattoush salad, taboon bread, tomato and cucumber. Toppings include tahini, hummus, pickled turnips and amba.

View Cafeteria Al-Arouba, called "Souq Ali Shawarma" by locals in a larger map

Market at the W

Tried the fixed price, express lunch at Market at the W.

Wow, this was intense. The tomato soup is poured right at the table so it's super fresh.

I was in the mood for a cheeseburger and this was really excellent.  The fried onion rings and sauces really brought it all together.  It's not a Ray's Hell Burger, but this was a good gourmet burger.

The banana cake dessert was also really yummy with the homemade chocolate ice cream.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

On the way to work one day

On the way to work one morning...  I saw these guys a few days in a row.  Same time, same place.  No idea what it's for.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thai Snack

soup, spinach, Thai iced tea, spring roll, dumplings, and pad thai
Thai Snack is certainly a favorite for everyone in Doha.  It has a nice outside terrace to enjoy a meal in.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chicken Lababdar

Using Indian Kitchen Food as a guide, tried to make Chicken Lababdar, my newly favorite tomato-based non-spicy Indian dish.

* chicken
* oil
* onions
* tomato (lots)
* shredded ginger - 1 tbsp
* garlic
* garam masala - 1 tsp
* kasoori methi - 1/2 tsp
* fresh cream - 50 gm
* salt
* chopped coriander - few

The first step was to cut up the onion, tomato, garlic, and ginger and the mix it all together.  Also, some chicken should be cut up and left on the side for now.

With a little oil and water from the tomatoes, it cooked and boiled into a soupy substance.  There are two versions, a spicy (top) and non-spicy (bottom).

Once you can't really tell the tomatoes apart from the onions, it's time to add in the chicken.  Cover and let simmer for about 10 minutes for the chicken to cook.  This is also a time to add in any necessary spices, but really, they aren't necessary... right... Salt is ok.

No need for a stick of butter... Just a little cream, maybe 50 ml is sufficient.

A bit too much cream (left) perhaps (100 ml)... All the cream is mixed (right).

This Indian bread is yummy... (bought outside for about 1 QR...) and freshly made minutes before.

Really good and not spicy at all!