Thursday, March 10, 2011

Qatar Adventures Desert Safari

We booked the day long desert safari with Qatar Adventures. I also hear that Black Pearl is good. Anyway, the driver was actually 30 minutes early to pick us up! He didn't have a Landcruiser, but it was similar. We drove down to Sealine to deflate the tires and then joined another car to go tumbling over the dunes. The first vertical drop was so scary but then it became fun. It's incredible what the cars are able to do with sand. After a few hours of dunning and a few scenic spots for photos, he took us to a little camp on the beach, very touristy. There was a barbecue with chicken, lamb, salad, and rice, pretty good. Overall, it was fun and good for the price of 300 QR per person.

There was even a token falcon!

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