Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dim sum at Asia Live! in the Doha Marriott Hotel

The Tuesday evening dim sum buffet for 129 QR was surprisingly good. They had a huge assortment of dumplings, more than I have ever seen anywhere in Qatar! There were shrimp shumai, beef shumai, chicken shumai, mutton dumplings, seasame mochi, pumpkin dumpling things, spring rolls, shrimp toast (actually really good), and two different soups: chicken & corn soup and hot & sour soup. Everything was really well set up and we only had to ask for some rice vinegar for the dumpling sauce. They were quick to add more dumplings whenever they ran out and my favorites were the seasame mochi and beef shumai. I've never seen a lamb dumpling before so that was also pretty unique with a heavy taste. The desserts were also quite good: green tea roll cake, mango pudding, fried banana, and fresh fruit.

On other nights when the dim sum isn't available, the Peking duck is really fantastic and seems pretty popular.

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