Monday, April 18, 2011

Bukhari chicken

Turkey Anadolu Restaurant & Sweets is famous for their bukhari chicken.

Turkey Anadolu Restaurant & Sweets
Old Airport, Jaber Bin Hayyan Street / Near Papa John's Pizza
44660280, 44660790, 55866280, 77866280
P.O. Box 11196, Doha, Qatar

Bukhari with grilled 1/2 chicken (25 QR), fattouche, salad, avocado juice, and pepsi.

car wash

Due to all the rain, my car was quite dirty.  So, I got the car washed at the Autowash at Waqod Petrol Station for 30 QR.  A friend told me it is possible to get a 300-500 QR ticket for a dirty car...

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