Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Megu at the Pearl

Megu, a new Japanese restaurant, just opened up at the Pearl a few days ago.  Of course I had to try it.  There are a few locations around the world, including in New York.

Sitting outside in the cool air was wonderful with views of the Pearl harbor.  After reading through each item on the menu, we started off with 35 QR fresh orange mojitos.  Then, for an appetizer, we got agedashi tofu.  The 58 QR agedashi tofu was good but kinda slimy compared to when I've had it before.  They poured the sauce right at the table.

Next we had some vegetable fried rice.   They transferred it from the black pot to the while bowl at the table.  This was also quite good and only 35 QR.

Most of the items on the menu involve kobe beef (神戸ビーフ), cuts of beef from the black Tajima-ushi breed of Wagyu cattle, raised according to strict tradition in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan and generally considered to be a delicacy, renowned for its flavour, tenderness, and fatty, well-marbled texture.  I never had it in Japan so I figured why not.  I got the 160 QR fillet tasting.  It was really good, just so little of it!  It came out still cooking on the stone.  We ended the meal with a 65 QR crunchy salmon avocado roll.  It was okay but the salmon could have been fresher.  Megu was good and the atmosphere with the view was really great but the prices are just so high.  Each 1 piece of salmon nigiri was 25 QR.  Why get 5 pieces of nigiri here when you could get all-you-can-eat salmon nigiri for 130 QR at Oishi Sushi...  Many of the chefs are Japanese and I spoke with the sushi chef at the sushi bar.  He's Japanese and from the New York location.

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  1. Mini Pearl might like that restaurant . . . .