Friday, August 26, 2011

New York

view from Brooklyn Bridge Park

So I had plans to spend the weekend in New York but ended up spending less than 24 hours there due to the hurricane and the whole city shutting down.  In the morning I went to Brooklyn Bridge Park to meet a friend and then spent the afternoon doing the necessary shopping at Uniqlo with F.  Then F and I met DD for a walk in a nearby park that used to be elevated train tracks and has been fully converted to this really cool park.  Then we met G for dinner and margaritas at one of G's favorite burrito spots and after headed to Hoboken, NJ to meet up with F's friends and have a hurricane party (seriously!).  It was a fully packed day trying to see everyone I know (which naturally wasn't possible in that amount of time) in New York and then leaving early the next morning on a 5am train back to Manhattan to catch my 8am train back to DC.  Yeah, there was no sleeping until the train back to DC!

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