Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to Stockholm

We arrived back in Stockholm in the morning after another good night's sleep on the ship.

We spent the day walking around the old town again.

a cute wooden house in a shop window and really good French waffles from T

yummy Swedish orange chocolate
avocado, red snapper, and salmon nigiri with miso soup
The sushi was so good before that we went again to the same place for more!

In one of the shops in the old town, this man was making candy cane.

Muumi (Swedish/Finish cartoon character) with pear cider
I also had to try the plankstek again.  Really good despite the huge amount of carrots and little zucchini!   I also got more pear cider, also really good.

Everything was great in Stockholm and we had such a good trip.  The boat was a great success to go over to Finland and certainly worth it.  The people were all very kind everywhere and this was definitely one of our best trips yet!

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