Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dinner at Drottninghof

After much shopping at H&M, we found Drottninghof nearby. It was good and we got Swedish meatballs and plankstek. The plankstek was everywhere in Sweden and seemed really popular.

City - Hötorget
Drottningg. 67
111 36 Stockholm
Tel. 08-22 75 22

Plankstek is a traditional Hungarian dish, (fatányéros) that were on the menu already in 1900 at the famous Gundel restaurant in Budapest (Hungarian mixed grill on wooden platter - fatányéros). Dish was served on an uncarved block of wood, an inherited custom of old from the historical Hungarian cuisine. It consisted of several different meats, pork, veal and beef, bacon and foie gras with fried potatoes and served with salad.

In Sweden, the dish, often by several different roast meats as pork tenderloin, beef tenderloin, rib and veal marinated in red wine, seasoned with paprika, white pepper and black pepper. To the law include vegetables and duchesse potatoes as gratinated in the oven on a wooden planks. To garnish served the butter-fried carrots, fried tomato, steamed cauliflower, bacon wrapped asparagus, and fried mushrooms with garlic butter. The vegetables can be cooked with finishes of cream or/and sour cream.

You put mashed potatoes on the plank, put the fried pieces of meat and the fried veggies for decoration in a decorative manner. Plank is set in the middle of the oven in the heat, 225 degrees for a short while until mashed potatoes have a golden brown color. Plank is taken out and the meat is served with mushroom sauce and bearnaise sauce. Originally, the board is made of hickory but are now produced on the oak, which has better durability. Variants in which piece of meat has been replaced with fish or meat kebabs exist. Planked steak was in Sweden, its popularity peak in the 1970s.

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