Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bailey, CO

We stayed in the small, mountain town of Bailey, Colorado.  The air was fresh and there were so many cute animals everywhere.

deer in the backyard!

the town of Bailey
There isn't too much in downtown Bailey, which consists of about 5 buildings.  There was an awesome American diner though, called Cut Throat Cafe.

perfect American breakfast

We spent the day driving in the mountains seeing all the beautiful scenery.  We also saw all the family mountain cabins that have since been sold to new families.  One of the cabins was sold for the huge amount of $400 and now it's worth waaay more.  Oops.  We also learned the details of our Swedish history and how our ancestors came in 1895 to Rhode Island and then immediately went to Bailey, Colorado, which at that time, was just forest and had absolutely nothing there.  No one knows why and how they went to and found this place but they imagine that they must have known other Swedes here.

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