Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Denver, CO

We flew into Denver on Southwest.  The airline was nice but it was weird since there was no assigned seating.  My brother and I were the last on the flight (my fault).  It turned out that N was flying into the airport 10 minutes before we were flying out.  Our gates were also coincidentally right next to each other so I was waiting at her gate to try to say a quick hi.  I saw her plane come in and I could see it next to the gate and people were getting off the plane but then our flight was getting the final call and my brother dragged me to our plane.  So I missed seeing N by minutes!  It would have been so awesome....  So then on our flight we got the last pick of seats and I ended up next to some rude people who yelled at me and even used the f-word since my bag was slightly in their "area" under the seat.  I had moved the bag immediately, but wow, so intense and unnecessary to someone you just met.  I guess karma exists since then a few minutes into the flight they spilled soda everywhere on themselves but it completely missed me!  The couple were both soaking wet the whole flight.

Arriving in Denver, I couldn't help but notice that there is a "Tornado Shelter" in the airport...

Denver is a pretty city, no doubt about it.

We spent our first morning at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science looking at gems, rocks, dinosaur bones, and huge intricate dioramas that contained tiny, hidden gnomes as a joke by the artist.  We were all having fun looking for those little gnomes.

The gold looks cool.

The seals were awesome.

downtown Denver and a beautiful sky

hahaha!  for those mathy people...

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