Friday, May 27, 2011

Hedgehogs at Qatar University Farm

Life is so funny and somehow I ended up on a hedgehog hunt at Qatar University Farm. I never would have expected something like this in Qatar! The hedgehogs live in a huge trash heap out in the middle of the desert and eat the bugs in the trash. There are loads of them, at least over 100! And they are sooo cute! We even got to see and hold some baby hedgehogs!

Out on the farm there are also a lot of fruit trees, including pomegranate, lemon, olive, and date.  I hope to go back in August when the dates are fruiting.

date trees


the trash heap off in the distance

The hedgehogs only come out at night so we had to wait for dusk before beginning the quest.

Naturally, there were also many bugs out and about.

The first catch was a baby hedgehog!  He was so cute but scared and just kept his eyes closed the whole time.

I got to hold him and he was just so tiny!!

After we had the full photo shoot, off he went right into the trash!  They can move really fast!

baby hedgehog returning to the trash

and he's running up the trash pile!

hard to see him now but he's in there

Then we caught a bigger one.

He was also super cute and a great model!  He seemed to really enjoy having his photo taken.

What an amazing experience!!!


  1. What an amazing evening of surprise!
    How good can life be living in a trash pile?
    I reminds me of living in my own messy home ....

  2. Wow, I got to meet one in person!