Thursday, May 5, 2011

The 28th Qatari Artists Exhibition 2011

The first half of the art of the 28th Qatari Artists Exhibition 2011 was in the Visual Art Center in Building #19.

Visual Art Center, Building #19

Hassan Al-Mulla

Salma Al-Naimy                           Jameela Al-Ansari

The next half of the exhibit was at the Qatar Fine Arts Society in Building #13.

Qatar Fine Arts Society, Building #13

Tamader Ahmed                                                   Nadya El-Madahka

This is my favorite Qatari artist, Badrya Al-Kubasi.  I love the shapes and colors and dream like style of mosques and Arab style buildings.  Her works are priced around 5000 QR and up...

AbdulRahman Almutawah

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