Monday, May 30, 2011

Contemporary Concepts Exhibition at the Visual Art Center in Katara

Contemporary Concepts Exhibition
Visual Art Center, Katara
May 17-30, 2011

Professional Qatari artists explore conceptual art in a broader scale at the ‘Contemporary Concepts’ retrospective at the Visual Art Centre (VAC) at Katara.  The art expo, which was opened by Japanese Ambassador Kenjiro Monji, is a product of a series of monthly workshops started in January for professional Qatari artists, which is a programme of the VAC to further explore various art forms and materials.

What resulted were nearly a hundred mixed media paintings and ceramic artworks that are unique in themselves not only for the materials used but the underlying themes.  Burlap and canvas fabrics used in sacks, plastic forks, tea bags, ropes, sands, leaves, newspapers, tissue papers were some of the materials combined with colours to create the paintings.

 I'm not a huge fan of contemporary art but these were kinda cool.

I liked this desert teabag people abstract.

This was kinda neat with the flower petals.

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