Friday, March 16, 2012

Dubai: San-X in Kinokuniya!!!!!!!!!

San-X has been found in the Middle East!!!!  And it was in a Kinokuniya Bookstore!!!!  It's located in Dubai Mall.

This was really exciting.

Kutsushita Nyanko

Mostly Rilakkuma, but there was also some Mamegoma, Chocopa, and Kutsushita Nyanko.

I really didn't want to leave....

So much cute stuff, so little time!

There was even manga in English,

manga in Japanese,

Japanese magazines,

and a manga in Arabic!  How cool!

A random sighting, but this toy machine at a little super market was sporting a character from Di Gi Charat.


  1. In which mall is this kinokuniya if i may know please? :)

  2. Kinokuniya is in Dubai Mall. :) Enjoy San-X!!!!

  3. hey, I've been there once in Kinokuniya. Do they have Mamegoma stuffs? like pillow, stuff toys, etc. I wasn't able to notice when I was there. Thanks.

    1. Yup! They have lots of Mamegoma stuff!! :)

  4. how much were the mamegoma dolls? Were they expensive?