Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dubai: Adventures on the Metro

I've been to Dubai several times now but I had yet to try the metro there.  I figured this day was a good one for it since I had some spare time.  So I was at the Dubai Mall, and there is a metro stop called, "Buj Khalifa/Dubai Mall," so I figured that would be pretty easy.  Wow, I was wrong.  It was a 30 minute confusing walk from the mall, in the heat, with nothing (like somewhere to buy water) on the way.  I was dripped with sweat once I finally saw the metro stop in the distance.

Buying a ticket was easy enough although I think I accidently bought one for further than I needed so watch out for that.

The ride to the stop where I was going was a pleasant 5 minute ride.  Yup, just 5 minutes.  Then I was at my destination to meet N for lunch.  However, the cafe was quite far from the metro stop so I had to take a taxi for 20 minutes.  So.... how efficient was that metro?  I walked 30 minutes in the heat, rode for 5, and then still had to take a taxi for 20 minutes.  I could have taken a taxi directly from the mall and it would have taken 25 minutes and the price would have been about the same.............

It was an interesting experience and I got some nice photos but I probably won't use the metro next time....


  1. that sounded like a drag. just catching up on blogs now. I don't like the new blog set up they did.

  2. Yeah it needs to be improved... Also there is a metro stop at the airport but only at the main terminal and not at the terminal where FlyDubai comes into and flies out of which is silly since FlyDubai (like EasyJet/RyanAir) is the cheap airline that people who would want to be on the metro would be taking. It's a 10 minute taxi ride on highways to get to the other airport terminals so the metro is really not an option for people who want to be on a budget from the airport!!!!