Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where to Buy Postcards in Qatar

I couldn't find too much useful information on where to buy postcards in Doha so I will try to make a list here.

I found some decent postcards at Gulf Greetings/Hallmark which have locations in Villagio, City Center, and many other locations in Doha.  They did not have postage stamps.

Hallmark/Gulf Greetings (3 QR each)

Another great place to try is Souq Waqif.  Many of these little tourist shops will have postcards although some will be a bit old and faded.  Adham Gift, which is right at the entrance to the souq across from Asheerj Coffee, had a nice selection of Qatar postcards and Yemen postcards.

 Adham Gift (10 QR for 3 postcards)

On a mission for stamps at the post office, I noticed these post cards available.  See my entry on this post office for details: Q-Post General Post Office Building (Head Office)

General Post Office Building (Head Office) in West Bay


  1. Yes, we are living in an e-world, still there comes a time when onne needs to send a physical postcard to a friend. I had some trouble findinng them, even in some post offices. Thanks for the adresses.

  2. I am a collector. Has anyone had success in buying Qatar postcards online or by mail? I am looking for Al Zubarah Archaeological Site, recently chosen as a Unesco World Heritage Site.