Thursday, October 14, 2010

Assaha Lebanese Village

Entrance of Assaha Lebanese Village

Hummus Beiruti - regular hummus with parsley, herbs and garlic
Baba Ghannouj - grilled eggplant paste
Khuubs - bread

The Baba Ghannouj was really great with all of the vegetables and definitely tasted quite different from typical baba ghannouj.  The hummus was also really good and I liked the parsley in it and of course the bread was so warm and delicious!

Sheesh Tawook (front) - cubed, grilled chicken
Boneless chicken (back) - the other chicken dish with the larger pieces
Thoum paste (Thoum literally means garlic in Arabic) to go with the chicken

I liked both types of chicken and it was quite good with the garlic paste.

Muhallabia - rice pudding dessert

This dessert was also really yummy!

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  1. they serve muhallabia in egypt too. it is really good and warm too!