Thursday, September 16, 2010

Megamart and Caravan Bukhara

Stopped in Megamart (great place to find American brand items) to pick up a few essentials.

For dinner, we went to Caravan Bukhara.  I haven't dared eat Indian food since my bad experiences in DC 5 years ago, but I was convinced to try it again.  We got murg malali kaba, dal bukhara, murg vindaloo, saffron rice, and garlic and butter nan.  My favorite was the murg malali kaba, which was chicken cooked in milk to make it so soft and it wasn't spicy at all!  The dal bukhara, black lentils, were good too, a little spicy, but good with the saffron rice.  The murg vindaloo, a spicy chicken dish, was good but on the spicy side for me so I didn't eat too much!  So I might like some (not spicy) Indian foods!

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