Thursday, September 16, 2010

Emirates and Dubai International Airport

Emirates is a cute airline with a purple theme inside the plane.  When they turned the lights out, the ceiling was lit up with tiny lights that looked like stars in the night’s sky.

For lunch I had a chicken korma (served with kichuri rice, aloo rajma, and fresh coriander).  No choice as the other option was salmon!  For breakfast I had sambar and idli (steamed rice cakes with vegetable stew and coconut chutney).  That was a bit spicy and I didn’t really like the coconut chutney.

Dubai International Airport is crazy with so many shops and more.

I got a white chocolate mocha for 19 UAE dirhams (a little over $5) at Starbucks.

There are also free showers (near gate 231) but towels are not provided and it’s probably a good idea to bring shampoo as well.

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