Thursday, September 30, 2010

Al Adhamiya in Souq Waqif

Al Adhamiya, an Iraqi restaurant in Souq Waqif

Iraqi bread and mixed appetizers (45 QR): olives & carrots, hummus, cucumber & tomato salad, and baba ghanoush

Tachreeb meat: bread soaked with a tomato & onion sauce with meat in the center (39 QR).  Delicious!!!

Cashunut cocktail (14 QR) and red tea

My friends got Iraqi baja (goat brain with bread which she says is very, very good, 38 QR), kabab Iraqi (45 QR), and chicken tikka (40 QR) and some labneh (yogurt sauce, 10 QR).


  1. I’m waiting for some insect pictures. Bzzzz.

  2. Haven't seen any insects here, yet.