Friday, January 20, 2012

Petroglyphs in Al-Jassasiyah

We drove up north to see the petroglyphs, which are collections of rare and amazing signs carved in stone, in Al-Jassasiyah.

Around the coasts of Qatar are low limestone hills [jebel] bearing numbers of petroglyphs, ranging from detailed depictions of boats to the enigmatic formations known as cup-marks. These cups possibly are use for the game called “haloosa”. The origin and date are not known yet.

petroglyphs of boats

possibly a petroglyph of a game and a boat

these rocks looked like they were broken apart with dynomite

sheep and goats in the horizon

a goat in the back of the truck!

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  1. cool petroglyphs. how old do they think they are? sounds like an interesting trip