Monday, November 7, 2011

Thailand: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

We started off the morning by heading to the floating markets.I stopped in 7-11 again and but the whole place was empty of items.  Due to the flooding, not much supplies could be brought it.  There were a few things, and of the few things they were mostly Japanese, but it was shocking how empty it was and even the most simple things were unobtainable.  Right outside of 7-11 there was a woman who was preparing coconut ice cream.  We got some and it was delicious with sticky rice on top.  The sweet sticky rice was amazing and unforgettable!

coconut ice cream with sweet sticky rice

There are countless floating markets throughout the country, many within a couple of hours’ of the capital. The colorfully clad merchants at these lively markets paddle along congested canals in sturdy canoes laden with fresh fruit and vegetables to sell to shoppers on the banks. There is lots of chatter and activity – bargaining is common – that’s all part of the fun -- but don’t expect to get the price down more than a few baht.

Well on the tourist trail after the Bond films, the trip to the famous floating market at Damnoen Saduak is still worth doing. Totally chaotic, small 'klongs' or canals are filled with small flat boats jockeying for position, expertly paddled by mature ladies ready to stop and bargain at a moment's notice. It's colourful, noisy, totally touristy but great fun.

The floating market was so unique.  We had out own boat with Thai driver who drove us around from shop to shop and we didn't even leave the boat if we didn't want to.  The shop keeps were located right on the docks, ready to sell and bargain anything.

the boat driver
The thin traditional boats all had old car engines attached on the back of them to get them speed as opposed to just paddling them.  The car engines were big so it was definitely a skill to drive these things.

The floating market was one of my favorite places in Thailand.  It was just so unique and had everything.

We also stopped inside this temple that was located right on the water.

Fish were jumping in the water and it was possible to feed them special fish food provided by the temple.

All the homes were built on stilts for the yearly floods.

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