Sunday, November 6, 2011

Singapore: Zoo

Next we went to the Singapore Zoo.  The three parks have a deal where if you buy tickets for all three, the zoo, the night safari, and the bird park, then you get a huge discount.  Unfortunately we didn't do this since we didn't know what we would have time for and were kind of winging the whole drip and figuring things out at the last minute.  A certain culture is definitely getting the best of us...

The zoo was very similar to the night safari in that it was very hard to see moats or fences showing that the animals were caged.  Instead, everything was very open with loads of trees and natural settings that it made it hard to find the animals often and we couldn't always see them even if we looked and looked.

There were a lot of cute animals that I hadn't seen before, like these guys.

Overall, definitely an amazing park trio and worth it to see all of them!

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