Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse

There was a total lunar eclipse tonight and I managed to see it at around 9:45pm when it was about 1/3 dark and 10:30pm when it was all reddish. I tried to take some photos but they didn't turn out so well.

 Above is at around 9:45pm.  It was about 1/3 dark but hard to see from these photos...

Here it is at around 10:30pm when it has become all reddish.  Also really hard to see in these photos...

Stargazers in Qatar will witness a total lunar eclipse tonight offering an amazing spectacle lasting at least 100 minutes of totality. Total lunar eclipses occur when the Earth passes directly between the Sun and the Moon, casting a deep shadow, through which the moon then travels.

The eclipse will begin at around 9:23pm (local time) partially and move to a total phase at 10:22pm, according to NASA’s eclipse predictions. The total phase will end at 00:03 while the partial stage will come to an end at 1:02am. The total eclipse will be at its peak at 11:13pm.

The total lunar eclipse will be seen from the eastern half of Africa, the Middle East, central Asia and Western Australia. While, Europe will miss the initial stages of the eclipse, east Asia, eastern Australia, and New Zealand will miss the last stages, though the total phase will be seen from most of these regions.

The second total lunar eclipse this year will occur on December 10, though Qatar will not be able to see the initial phases. The last total lunar eclipse which Qatar witnessed was on February 21, 2008.

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