Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Biscotti at the Grand Hyatt

I tried to have breakfast at Biscotti. This is not really a place for breakfast as most of their menu (including items that seem like they would be for breakfast) are not available until lunch, such as the quiche. The service was also disappointing as it was very slow as there was a huge gap between them bringing out the food and then the drinks coming long after. The only redeeming aspect is the atmosphere and presentation. The inside is very nice with relaxed tables and lots of options and it is also possible to sit outside near the pool.

I tried a small pastry with cooked cherry things which was decent and watermelon juice which was luckily for them fresh. Later (as is was a bit chilly sitting outside), I also ordered a hot chocolate which turned out much better than expected (at this point my expectations were pretty low so I was really surprised). The presentation of the hot chocolate was fantastic with a little tray holding two cups. One cup had the hot chocolate and the other had two chocolate cookie sticks, 3 marshmallow things, and a spoon dipped in chocolate! The chocolate spoon was great with the hot chocolate as well as the other additions. The hot chocolate itself was decent.

Overall, it was good enough, but not to the expectations as a place in the Grand Hyatt.

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