Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dubai: Baja Fresh in Dubai Mall

With cravings for Mexican food, I just couldn't resist trying Baja Fresh when I saw it in Dubai Mall.  I hadn't been in ages in the US even.  Ordering was a mess since they wouldn't let me chose what I wanted in my burrito.  Seriously, I can't have tomato and lettuce inside???  Finally after they saw that's what was happening, the burrito was filled up, rolled, and then they started to cut it in half!!!!!!!!!!  I screamed since I was so shocked with "What are you doing?!?!?!"  I couldn't believe they were ruining it after all my hard work of negotiating with them about this burrito!!  Finally we got that settled that it would not be cut in half and then the credit card machine didn't work.  Gah.

Taste wasn't bad though but seriously, people who don't know what Mexican food is should not be trying to make it.....


  1. You need to try Cha Cha, which is a Chipotle rip-off. If you are on Al Rayyan going from D-Ring towards Jarir, it's in a strip of restaurants behind the Woqod at the first R/A after D-Ring. Make your own burrito just like Chiptole.

    1. Thank you Keri! I tried it and it was so nice! :)