Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkins at Megamart

After seeing the crazy prices for pumpkins at Carrefour (see Sybil's Pass the Pumpkin), 1576 Qr ($433) for one pumpkin, I thought I would just try at Megamart just in case. I was in luck and little baby pumpkins were only 21Qr per pound! Three little pumpkins only cost me 12Qr!

This was the extent of Halloween at Megamart but better than nothing!

They are super cute and make me so happy!


  1. well that is a much better price and they are very cute. enjoy them!!

  2. I noticed that LuLu has dropped their prices on the huge pumpkins. Good idea, I think! Glad you found a bargain :P:P