Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gothloli Hats in Doha?!

As A invited us all to a hat party, after much deliberation I decided that I would go with a gothloli hat. Gothloli is a type of Japanese fashion which includes cute little hats with lace and bows. I was all set out to make one from scratch since how could I ever know where to find one of these in Qatar and I couldn't imagine them even existing here. So O and I headed over to the arts and crafts souq to one of my favorite shops that has all things arts and crafts and has even more stuff than Michael's. I was looking for materials for the hat and showing pictures to the store employees who then took me here:

I cannot even begin to explain how shocked I was.  Here were the Japanese gothloli hats, exactly what I was looking for, and for the meager price of 6 Qr each.  Seriously.  Photos for evidence.

Doha continues to surprise me daily.

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