Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Korean Garden

typical Korean sides


I heard good things about Korean Garden. Unfortunately, the Korean BBQ (karubi yakiniku in Japanese) is only available during the summer since the grill tables are outside. (Why they have a huge lit up poster of the BBQ right at the entrance of the restaurant is beyond me and when I asked them about it and they just said it's not available....) Anyway, they still did have karubi (gal bi) in short rib form which was good except they were out of the sauce for it (gah!). I'm still giving it a good rating because they brought out all the little sides (about 10 of them) and the lettuce and rice and it was awesome and so much food for Doha pricing (of course it's way overpriced...). We also tried the fried dumplings which were ok, after he brought out the rice vinegar to make dumpling sauce. Overall it was an awesome meal and I'm definitely planning to go back to try more things on the menu, such as bi bim bo and the Japanese food (like kakiagedon) and of course in the summer, the BBQ. They menu has a lot of options that I haven't seen here before and also hard to find in the US.

Parking is a bit annoying and there aren't too much options so you have to look along the street or park a bit away.

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